Greenville South Carolina Westin Hotel

Located at one end of Main Street and the other end of Main Street, this wonderful Greenville, SC hotel is just waiting to offer you luxury and relaxation when you travel in December. Few hotels in South Carolina are decorated in halls like this, and it is one of the few in the entire state of North Carolina.

Each of the six luxurious rooms has a private bathroom, so you can enjoy the necessary privacy during your stay in your own home with its own shower and private bathroom. Located right on Main Street, the large one-bedroom studio and suites are perfect for making your hotel feel more at home on your trip. If you want the restaurants and luxurious amenities of a hotel, Greenville offers you a cover, but look for something central where you want to play, where it allows you to reach all points of downtown with ease. Find out about the hotel and all the amenities before you decide to stay with us.

The Westin Poinsett is directly across from the South Carolina Performing Arts Center and other dining and entertainment options. As we are located in the middle of the city centre, we offer photos of all places.

Combined with an elegant historic ambience and impressive restaurants, it's easy to see why the Westin Poinsett deserves a closer look. The West in Greenville, South Carolina, and make sure you keep your vacation memories for years to come.

Downtown Greenville may not be the same without the Hyatt, but the Westin Poinsett is one of the best hotels to recommend if you are. If you plan to attend an event at the BI Center, stay at the Hyatt because of its great location and there is no chance of rain.

Located right on Main Street, you just have to walk through the front door and put up with me as I start to fall in love. In the lobby, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse awaits you and you'll find some of the best cuts of meat in town.

The Westin Poinsett is also one of the best nightlife hotels in South Carolina. Greenville's nightlife scene has popped up across the country with cities including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Chicago.

Step back in time with the elegance of the Westin Poinsett and indulge in the extravagance of our new Embassy Suites Riverplace. Stay at the Hyatt Regency, a key landmark that launched the Downtown Greenville revitalization project. If you plan to stay longer than a long weekend, check out the most luxurious hotel in town, the Hilton Garden Inn.

Conveniently located in downtown Greenville, this hotel is just blocks from the South Carolina Museum of Natural History and numerous bike lanes.

Greenville Main Street has been voted one of the best in the country, so there is no better place to stay than this Greenville hotel. The best hotels recommend the Marriott, which has a great central location with many amenities. In general, the Holiday Inn Express in Downtown Greenville is a good choice for those staying in downtown Greenesville. This downtown hotel offers access to the South Carolina Museum of Natural History and numerous bike paths, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars.

In addition to 200 guest rooms and suites, the Westin Poinsett has a large hall that can accommodate up to 350 people. It has also behaved itself and does not impose any mandatory restrictions that currently apply.

The Westin Poinsett Hotel is a beautifully appointed hotel that offers plenty of attractions and allows guests to enjoy luxurious amenities throughout their stay. The Residence Inn is next door and the Spring Hill Suites are just a few blocks from the Greenville South Carolina hotel.

A fixture on Greenville's Main Street for nearly 100 years, the hotel is a cultural icon that represents the blend of classic and modern style that Greenville perfectly embodies today. The hotel is one of Greenville's most popular destinations with famous guests including John F. Kennedy, John Quincy Adams and George Washington.

He enjoys living and working in Greenville, South Carolina, with his wife and two children in the historic downtown area of the city.

Greenville has experienced a lot of hype, but it has also become a destination for weekend getaways that would have been unheard of 10 years ago. Some business travelers have discovered it and will return for more than a year, and there will be a few more in the future.

Embassy Suites have the only indoor pool in the city center, and the salt water is so clean that you can't get around it. The pool and public areas seem to invite you in a way you would not expect from a downtown hotel. This is easily one of the best places to walk through downtown Greenville, especially in the early morning hours. The food at Oak & Honey is fantastic and it's fantastic, but it's not as good as the other downtown restaurants.

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