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In 2019, ranked the city of Greenville, SC, as one of the top 10 cities in the United States for the best museums in South Carolina. Conveniently located between Charlotte and Atlanta, it offers a variety of museums, galleries, restaurants, hotels and other amenities. The area is crossed by two US highways, Interstate 95 and I-75, and Interstate 85. This metropolitan area also includes access to Interstate 26, which connects Charlotte, North Carolina, the state's second largest city and the nation's third largest metropolitan area.

If you like to go to the beach, Myrtle Beach is a few hours away, and if you're spending a weekend there or planning to move to Greenville, you can discover the 10 best things to do as a child in Greenley. From hiking trails to art museums to the roof of the skyscraper, where you can enjoy views of the Blue Ridge Mountains (you can even see them on a clear day), let us help you find your new favorite spot in this city. Take advantage of our list of sensational activities in and around GreenVILLE, SC to plan your own adventure, and let me know what you think about Green County, South Carolina's second largest city and the best city for kids.

If you're in the area to visit Asheville but are wondering if the Greenville experience is exactly what you were looking for, here's an overview of what you can do in Greenville, SC. Take a look at our GreenVILLE Relocation Guide to learn more about why you are moving to Green County, South Carolina, and why it's a great place to settle down.

Residents and visitors to Greenville and downtown will find their favorite restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants downtown. Locals and city dwellers can also visit the Green County Museum of Natural History and the South Carolina State Museum. Residents and visitors to the GreenVILLE neighborhood will also find their favorite downtown restaurant, bar, shop, or Main Street restaurant.

Here is a list of the top 10 museums in South Carolina that offer a wide range of educational, cultural and educational activities for children and adults. There is much, much more to learn, so check out the following websites if you want to delve deeper into Greenville's history, art, culture, history, art and culture in general.

The Greenville County Museum of Art (GCMA) at the University of South Carolina is known as one of the best art museums in the South and is located in the historic Green County courthouse on South Main Street. The museum, which is described as "the world's largest collection of Wyeth watercolors and other works of art," houses more than 2,000 works of art from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Visitors with an eye for art will love the green and white walls and art galleries at Greenley Hall, including the Greenville County Museum for Art. TheGCMA is the world's public museum, which owns all WyETH watercolors and many other rare and unique works.

Known as the leading art museum in the South, the museum has an extensive collection of "American art" and houses more than 2,000 works of art from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

There are no more child-friendly activities in Greenville than having time for one of these excursions. Whatever your favorite subject at school, Greenville has a number of great museums for children and adults with a love of history and history. Civil War enthusiasts on both sides will appreciate the history lessons that this museum brings to life, as our ancestors fought alongside the Yanks in the heart of Dixieland. The museum showcases the strong culture that locals know as South Carolina pride.

The Greenville South Carolina Museum of Natural History and History and the Carolina State Museum, both located in downtown, host events for children and adults.

Greenville and the surrounding area have many great places to visit, one of which we will visit during our conference. If you have time to drive, you can enjoy the view from Pretty Place Camp in Greenville. You will also love the city's parks and go through all your mail - moving stress to see one of the best parks in our country. GreenVILLE Falls Park is an oasis, and you'll also visit a wonderful greenville garden that is part of the South Carolina State Museum of Natural History.

The last time we visited Greenville, the museum was just moving and enlarging, so we couldn't visit it. My children are a little older than the Children's Museum now, and I'm itching to explore the new attractions and see one of the museums. I visited the Upstate Children's Museum a few years ago, but only when the weather wasn't ideal.

This special museum was established in 1841 in the Market Hall and displays the first Confederate flag that flew at Fort Sumter, as well as other Confederate flags and monuments.

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