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The seating service will open at the new Greenville restaurant Up on the Roof on Saturday, August 5 at 7 p.m. The location in the heart of downtown, just blocks from the city's most popular restaurants, is breathtaking, with two-story glass walls overlooking the Reedy River and Greenville Downtown. Located just off South Main Street and steps from Falls Park, this is the perfect setting for a relaxing evening in the city while exploring downtown Greenville. With a large outdoor terrace and seating for up to 30 people, as well as a fully equipped bar, this is a perfect place to enjoy a meal in the great outdoors.

Mary's Garden overlooks Falls Park and you have only a view of the Reedy River, the Greenville River and the downtown skyline. Enjoy the sun and a meal of maple nuts and pumpkins broken open with a glass of wine and a sweet and savoury pumpkin pie side. To round off your meal, head to Mary's garden to enjoy a plate of fresh fruit and vegetables, or just sit back and relax.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Ruth and Chris have a regular dinner menu, and their dining room is open all year round, as is the terrace, which is always open. Whether it's a beautiful spring day or a summer evening, alfresco dining is one of the best things about Greenville South Carolina restaurants. This is a great place to visit, especially if you're eating al fresco and enjoying the view of Falls Park and the downtown skyline.

Start with a plate of her speciality cheese Stella Sampler before enjoying delicious appetizers such as steak, shrimp and grits and fried chicken. Visit us for your steaks & cheese steaks, which are made with 22 ingredients and served for $4, or for your famous Fried Chicken & Grits. Steaks & Cheese Steaks ($10, served 10) and Steak & Cheese Steak (served 4) are $34.95 each.

You can choose from four different barbecue sauces to refine your smoky dishes anywhere along the river. The grill is hand-cooked, hand-cooked and made to order at all four Bucky's BBQ locations.

This list includes restaurants that offer a full - take where you can have a turkey, ham and a few pages to complement your own home - cooked meal. The restaurants below offer catering meals, but you have to choose from a variety of options such as chicken, beef, pork, lamb, chicken and pork ribs.

This is Greenville's most important dining district and is best suited for a dinner party with friends and family or an evening out on the town. This is classic Mediterranean food, elegantly combined with the historical surroundings and the quality steaks.

Don't forget to try the chicken and pork ribs, the prawns and crabs, and the fish and chips. You can't go wrong with any prawn or crab dish, but I swear the fried chicken is the best in the state. Classic examples of low-country cuisine include pork belly, chicken, shrimp, pork chops, beef and chicken breast. They also have fried oysters, pan-fried sushi and tuna, as well as a wide selection of seafood.

If you're already on the road - Christmas dinner and dinner would make your holiday a little more cheerful, then this is the list for you.

This hyperlocal restaurant focuses on its ingredients and is located in the heart of downtown Greenville, just blocks from downtown. Famous for Sean Brock and Husk, the restaurant is bringing the rides of the farm to its new location in Downtown Greenville, on the corner of Main and Main Streets.

The menu is a modern cuisine that blends traditional ingredients from the south, and typical dishes include roasted green tomatoes with allspice cheese. The menu is upscale and traditional American. Specialties include chicken and waffles, pork ribs, chicken wings, burgers and more. This restaurant offers a wide selection of typical dishes such as roasted vegetables and tomatoes, as well as a variety of salads.

The best restaurants are recommended by the South Carolina Restaurant Association and the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, as well as many other local restaurants. The best of the best in the South, from the best chefs and the best restaurants in the world, come together for an incredible culinary experience.

The bakery currently has no sales area, but only one production bakery, but it still offers takeaway offerings. They can methodically find their baked goods and buy their breads and pastries online, even though they sell in-store in their restaurant and also through their online store. They reopen as a full-service restaurant at the former location of their former bakery in Greenville, which is now reopening as their own bakery and restaurant.

It is open on weekdays from 11 am to midnight, Thursdays and Sundays from 12 am to 10 pm and from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 9 pm.

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