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  • Kelli Ferguson

City Barbecue is Open in Greenville!

We visited the brand new location of City Barbecue on Woodruff Road last week. Everything was so good, but you know why it was extra special? My KIDS loved it too! They are at a super picky age, so the fact that they loved their lunch and everyone was happy was a huge bonus.

We wanted to try as many things as we could, so between the four of us, we got a taste of pulled pork turkey, brisket, sausage, corn pudding, fried okra, cole slaw, hush puppies, mac and cheese, greenbeans, cornbread, and banana pudding! My top three faves were the brisket, hush puppies, and corn pudding.

Check out these hushpuppies!!

City BBQ is located on Woodruff Rd near 385. Their prices are great, the service is friendly, and the food comes out fast!!


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